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What is CentreREADY™?

CentreREADY™ is a workforce-development initiative of the Chamber of Business & Industry of Centre County (CBICC) and the county’s public school districts and career/technical training institutions. This voluntary collaborative worker-certification program is designed to better match local employers with a quality workforce – future employees who have achieved desired levels of proficiency in the skills employers want and businesses need to be successful.

What does it mean to be CentreREADY™?

Does my school participate in CentreREADY™?

The following educational institutions participate in CentreREADY™:

• Bald Eagle Area School District
• Bellefonte Area School District
• Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology

• Penns Valley Area School District

• Philipsburg-Osceola Area School District
• South Hills School of Business & Technology

• State College Area School District

How will employers know that I am CentreREADY™?

After earning the CentreREADY™ designation, include it on your resume and discuss it during job interviews. Because CentreREADY™ is in direct response to local employers’ concerns about skills gaps in the workforce, local employers are familiar with the CentreREADY™ initiative and what the designation signifies. The CBICC will publicly acknowledge students earning the designation, and will share this information with the business community. The CBICC will also attempt to match CentreREADY™ individuals with available job opportunities. (Available on this website to those who have earned their designation and graduated).

I'm attending college after graduation, does earning the CentreREADY™ designation still benefit me?

Why do I need CentreREADY™ skills?

One of the biggest challenges currently facing employers across industry sectors is finding employees with the appropriate skill sets, including core job skills. Centre County employers from all industries have specifically identified the six CentreREADY™ skills as being essential for their employees to possess.

Earning the CentreREADY™ designation means your educational institution has assessed you as proficient in the six core attributes that employers in Centre County and the area say are essential for employees to possess. The six core attributes are:

• Work Ethic
• Team Work
• Communication (written, verbal, interpersonal)

• Tactfulness/ Manners

• Critical Thinking/ Problem Solving
• Understanding Supervision/ World of Work

How do I enroll in CentreREADY™?

Enrollment is voluntary. Visit your academic advisor or school counselor to enroll in CentreREADY™ and begin your path toward obtaining the business community’s seal of approval for workforce readiness.

What happens once I earn the CentreREADY™ designation?

Individuals who have earned the CentreREADY™ designation will be recognized at graduation, receiving a CentreREADY™ chord and certificate. CentreREADY™ individuals will also receive a CentreREADY™ seal to include on job applications and resumes, indicating proficiency in the core attributes. Names and contact information will be provided to the Chamber of Business & Industry of Centre County in order to share with the local business community/ hiring employers.

Yes! Earning the CentreREADY™ designation will show future employers – whenever you enter the workforce – that you possess the necessary core job skills that are valued by businesses across industry sectors, and that you took extra steps to prepare for
your future career. If you apply to jobs outside of the county, you can still talk about CentreREADY
™ in your interviews; discuss how the six attributes apply to you as a worker. All jobs (not just Centre County jobs) are in need of workers who recognize soft skills (the six core attributes) are just as important as technical skills (degree earned in specific field).

If I leave the area after graduation, does earning the CentreREADY™ designation still benefit me?

Yes! Finding employees with strong core skills is not unique to Centre County. Businesses nationwide have expressed concern that these types of skills are lacking in the workforce. The ability to demonstrate that you took extra steps to prepare for your career by earning the designation will make any employer take notice.

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