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Education Coordinator

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Job Description/Requirements

General Responsibilities:

The Education Coordinator is responsible for working with the Director of Education to plan, implement, and evaluate both youth and adult educational programming.

Specific Responsibilities:

Adult Learning:
• Manage and collect all educational programs data,
• Chief contact for fulfillment of Stamps Teach instructional materials and member requests for materials supporting educational programs,
• Schedule and support instructors for virtual learning events and in-person courses
• Assist with planning, implementing, and evaluating Summer Seminar, virtual learning events, Great American Stamp Show, and Volunteer Work Week.

Youth Learning
• Assist in developing instructional materials for use in schools, after school programs, and by philatelic clubs or groups,
• Lead the Young Stamp Collectors of America (YSCA): publishing monthly newsletter with interactive activities, maintaining YSCA member database, distributing YSCA membership materials,
• Develop and provide programs for youth.

Marketing and Instructional Material
• Process and publish educational content across platforms,
• Design promotional and supporting material for educational programming through print and digital media,
• Develop and maintain Education Department web pages,
• Investigate and recommend use of digital technology where applicable.


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