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Atlas Therapy, Specialized Physical Therapy

State College


Physical Therapist

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Job Description/Requirements

Company Summary

Atlas Therapy has been a pillar in the community, providing successful outpatient physical therapy treatment for over a decade. Even through the pandemic, our doors have never closed to the patients who have needed us. We continue to operate at a high standard providing a safe environment for the healing of our patients. We are proud of our commitment to our patients and proud that every patient receives our hands on, one-on-one care. We strive to take on the most challenging patient cases, and our therapists are willing to continue growing their skills to meet these challenges. Our excellence is proven by the lives that are helped.

Atlas Therapy is seeking a full-time Physical Therapist to join our growing team at our outpatient State College office. Our ideal candidate is an experienced Physical Therapist who has a desire to provide quality one on one care using their ever-evolving skills in our fast-paced clinic.

• Minimum 2 years clinical experience with Pennsylvania Physical Therapy.
• Direct Access Licensure.
• Proficient with electronic, web-based, documentation with the ability to utilize Microsoft Office based applications for office communication.
• Display excellent scheduling efficiency to account for traveling and seeing a daily patient schedule.
• Extensive experience with manual therapy techniques.
• Highly motivated with a positive attitude.
• Excellent communication and organization skills.
• Ability to work independently and as a team player to help our patients and our community reach its goals of health
and wellness.
• Motivated to advance and improve upon professional skills by continuing to learn and seek growth through valuable
educational courses.
• Empathetic and compassionate.

• Providing complex physical therapy assessments
• Developing plans of care to meet patients’ goals
• Providing manual based therapy approaches in a one-on-one home-based setting
• Listening to patients and educating or advising them on strategies to meet their goals
• Maintaining quality documentation and billing standards
• Working with web based electronic medical record, home exercise program, digital flow sheets, and integrated
patient satisfaction tracking
• Being flexible to operational challenges and demands that require a full team approach
• Working with the entire team of staff including but not limited to management, physical therapists and physical
therapy assistants, patient care coordinators, billing and office personnel, vendors, and medical providers


Atlas Therapy offers our employees competitive salaries, medical insurance plans, and 401(k) matching. We also provide flexible paid vacation time to enjoy your passions outside of the clinic, paid educational and continuing education training to support and invest in the success of our therapists, the enjoyment of quiet lunches with offices closed during the lunch hour, and a weekday schedule that allows for an early weekend with treatment on Fridays ending at lunch time.

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