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RE/MAX Centre Realty

State College

Business Management/Administration

Real Estate

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Job Description/Requirements

A career in real estate can provide the freedom to run your business the way you like and be in charge of your own future.
RE/MAX Centre Realty is where Competition meets Collaboration. Although we’re all competing in the same marketplace, we believe that a rising tide lifts all boats. Our agents help each other be the best possible agents in Centre County and beyond. We build businesses by building people.
Value that we provide to ALL our agents:
· Front Desk Support
· IT Support
· Marketing Services
· Training & Coaching
· Technology Suite
· The best branding in the business
· Free Courier service
Ready to start your career at RE/MAX Centre Realty? If you’re a new agent, we provide free training well beyond what your licensing course teaches as well as mentoring with a seasoned veteran agent. If you’re already licensed and ready to make a change, we can make your transition simple and handle just about everything for you.


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